Maui has a great rodeo community.  Over many weekends one of the many arenas will hold some form of competition.  You may see keiki (kids), junior and adult rodeos, dedicated dally team roping,  one of six Hawaii High School Rodeo Association playoffs, an occasional Professional Bull Riding show, or the ultimate, Fourth of July Rodeo.

   I would like to thank the Kaupakalua Roping Club for all of their help and kindness especially Margo, Gena and Debbie.

   To view pictures choose a category to the left.  New titles will be added as events occur.  Due to space constraints, all images are downloadable in a low resolution.  However,  you should be able to obtain a reasonably good print up to 8x10.  Anything larger will work but you will lose sharpness and detail.

   Larger prints will require 300dpi or more.  If you would like something larger view PRICING for sizes available, then CONTACT me with specifics.

   My hope is that you will enjoy the pictures as much as I had shooting them.

   Thank you for visiting,
Sam Clark

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